Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm volunteering at Treehouse Cat Shelter! It is SO GREAT!!! It's therapeutic, all I do is pet and play with them. I do clean and I work on socializing the shier cats, calming the overstimulated cats, and giving extra attention to the sick cats.

I'm pretty sure I've found the cat I'm going to adopt in probably a month's time. Her name is Emmaline and she's a petite tabby mix. I think she's four years old and she was brought to the shelter in May. She doesn't like other cats, so she's in a solitary kitty condo.

Emmaline, when a new person first goes into her condo, is very skittish. As soon as I sit on the floor, though, she comes right up to me and demands nuzzles. She's climbed onto my lap several times and even slept on me today! I've played with her and she absolutely loves it. She doesn't like being brushed, though.

I would love to adopt an older and/or sickly cat, but I can't afford the additional vet fees. When I first started volunteering, I thought I would volunteer a cat who's been there for a long time. But the cats with whom I've connect and who have been there longer are much happier than she is. She has had some health problems, but they're stress-related and occurred before she was put in solitary. I've been warned that, if/when I adopt her, she would probably hide for quite some time and her health problems might flare up again. I'm prepared for that.

Right now, the only things that would make me consider getting another cat would be, of course, if she gets adopted before I can, or if I meet a FIV cat (the shelter doesn't have an adoption fee for FIV cats and gives a discount for vet care) with whom I connect and who needs me more. I haven't yet gone to the FIV floor, so who knows what may happen.

The next time I volunteer, I'll take pictures of Emmaline! It's really funny that I've been planning on naming my first cat Mathers after my SUPER-AWESOME Latin teacher, but Emmaline is way too much of a diva to be named Mathers. Maybe I could just call her Mathey-baby?

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