Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Emmaline, the cat I wanted to adopt from the shelter where I volunteer, was recently adopted. Since I won't be able to afford a cat for at least another few weeks, I'm happy for her. Even though I miss her :(

The FIV floor of the TreeHouse Humane Society recently re-opened so I've been going up there during every visit. The cats there are incredibly affectionate!! Since I want only one cat and FIV cats get adopted so slowly, I've focused on them specifically. A particularly loving kitty and I have really connected: BALLOU!!


He was born in 2003 and brought into the shelter in 10/07, one of the FIV cats who's been there the longest. He adores me and loves to cuddle and play :D Ballou has a heart murmur and stomatitis and must take daily medication. An entire year's worth of his medicine will cost me around $10, so that won't be a problem. The shelter's clinic provides annual checkups and FIV-related veterinary care for free!


FOOT!!! He really doesn't like the other cats, he'll swat at them but he won't bully them. Most of them have learned to leave him alone during our lap time, but I still make sure to dote on them as well lol. He'll tolerate this, but sometimes gets grumpy.


FIV is feline immunodeficiency virus; it's very similar to HIV. Humans can't contract it from cats, nor vice versa. FIV is usually contracted through violent fights and from a mother to her kittnes. Thus, most of the cats on that floor have been strays. Everything must be super-clean because even some kitty cold viruses could be deadly. As long as a cat with FIV is taken care of and isn't around regular cats, it can live a long and healthy life. If you want to learn more, Google it.


I am going to SPOIL HIM!!!! I've always wanted to name a cat Mr. Mathers after my super-amazing Latin teacher. Mr. Ballou Mathers :D

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