Friday, November 6, 2009

Kachinas and Murtis

kachina     doll Pictures, Images and Photos

I was raised super-strict Catholic and began exploring Neo-Paganism in middle school. It began as an interest in pre-Christian history and mythology; because my half-sister, Leslie, had given me many books on Native American stories (DAVID WISNIEWSKI FTW), they had a particular draw for me. Later, when I was 18/19, I left Neo-Paganism to form my own personal spirituality and studied some Hinduism.

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Kachinas of Hopi and other Native American tribes and Murtis of Hinduism always were of particular interest to me. I think this fascination is, at least in part, because they take some of the best and avoid some of the worst of Catholicism.

Kachina Doll Pictures, Images and Photos

Kachina Dolls and Murtis are both symbols and manifestations. They involve rituals, but also are considered direct contact with God/Spirit/etc. They are based on the actual world, creation and destruction, rather than as some otherworldly perfection. The stories and characters involving both Kachina Dolls and Murtis are also acted out in plays, parades, etc. with actual people.

Kachina Doll Pictures, Images and Photos

...not to mention I just appreciate the aesthetic beauty in Kachina Dolls and Murtis.

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