Friday, July 2, 2010

Beatles Love Refreshed

Now that I've been out of school for a year and living this "adult" life, my perspective on a lot of things has changed.

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For a long time, I thought that I obsessed with the Beatles because they provided the first positive messages in my life and because, up until discovering them, plastic surgery = salvation. Those reasons are still true. Now I see how unstable my family life was at the time in addition to those things. My dad went completely insane on me and don't get me started on my mom. And then there were puberty and changing schools and converting and death threats at school, etc. The Beatles, because they had already passed as a band and because they're so universal, were the only stable, positive thing I could grasp onto.

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In October/November of '99, my music teacher (hi Mr. Deweese!) brought the Yellow Submarine album to school and showed us the psychedelic liner notes. We wanted him to show us the movie, he couldn't so I convinced my mom to rent it for me. I dropped N SYNC and the Backstreet Boys (my mom hid my Alanis albums '98-'03) and began to try to figure out these Beatles. My mom had Abbey Road, which I didn't really understand because it was unlike anything I had heard before. Like Alanis, my mom worried that the "anger" in the album would...I don't know what.

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I bought Rubber Soul and Revolver and that was when things really got going. Christmas came along and I was so disappointed that nobody knew yet how much I loved the Beatles! All the money that I had saved up for plastic surgery went to Beatles albums and memorabilia. I identified with them so fiercely that anyone who didn't adore them was clearly insulting me

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My obsession bordered on insanity. Now, though, I see how much I needed something stable and positive with which to identify. It's by coincidence that the Beatles came along and really did save me, otherwise I could have become more self-destructive than I already was. Teenagers need stability and it's unfortunate that the only place I could find it was in a band; at least that band was THE BEATLES with "all you need is love" rather than "AAHHH die muthafucka die!"

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Clearly, there doesn't need to be a crisis in order for someone to be a Beatles fan. And I'd like to think that I would be if my life hadn't been falling apart at the time. I've adored them for over TEN YEARS now!

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