Wednesday, August 11, 2010

'04, Year of the Vag

Due to several corresponding events, I really really miss Alverno right now. It was like a year-round Red Tent. This time of the month, separatist communes make sense "AAHHH GET THESE MAN-THINGS AWAY FROM ME!!"

'04 was a crazy year: I graduated from high school, started at Alverno, and came out as bisexual. I was working in a parish as a receptionist and, to make matters even more insane, that seemed like a good place to read both whichever Harry Potter book came out then and THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES. Shortly after moving into the dorms, I read CUNT and then everything changed...

I finally read Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own" today and absolutely loved it. It's heavy, like all Woolf's writings, and depressing. She noted that, in the hundred years leading up to '28, when the book was published, not much had changed for women. And...not much has changed since then. Legally, the changes have been remarkable! Nevertheless, though it's now legal for a woman to have her own money, all the women customers who have their husbands/boyfriends/daddies buy them garbage prove that custom doesn't necessarily follow law. Woolf's [wo]manifesto is still relevant and important today.

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