Wednesday, March 10, 2010

K.......-ay (no)

So I've been working at my full-time job, an airport bookstore, for nearly two months now. Earlier this week, a random guy referred to me in the masculine and I was greatly amused :) that was the second time in around six months. in addition to that, kids stare at me and women in the bathroom give a start when I walk in; I love it!

The uniform is a burgundy button-down and the worker must provide black shoes and nice pants. My shoes are from the boys' section of Payless and about half of my pants from from the boys' section of Target (I don't fit into men's sizes) so I manage to look pretty androgynous.

Due to all the hard work when I applied and began the job, I am known far and wide as "K" rather than the pre-adult-life "Katie" (blegh). Some people write it as "Kay" and I even had to white out the "-ay" on my printed biggie.

I'd still really really like to take Androgel or something similar, but the money issue keeps it from happening. Having a fulltime job does not mean you get to live! And, although I hate to admit it, there are times when I will take advantage of "feminine wiles." If a guy lets me get on the crowded bus before him, hell yeah I will! Provided there are no pregnant or elderly people waiting behind me, of course.

And if I ever get to live out the hobo lifestyle, traveling from farm to farm and seeing the world...I think it would probably be safer to be taken as a woman than as ambiguous.

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