Sunday, August 22, 2010


I can't sleep!! Thoughts about AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps are running laps around my brain!!

I'm still planning on joining AmeriCorps next year and relocating anywhere west, preferably southwest. This program holds my interest: AAHHH IT IS LOVE!!!

This program, as you may see, is all over the country. I'm torn between Utah and New Mexico for this reason:

Grey = No protection against discrimination

All forms of employment covered
Purple = Sexuality and gender identity
Dark Blue = Sexuality only

State based jobs covered
Pink = Sexuality and gender identity
Light Blue = Sexuality only

I'm not sure how Americorps/SCA fits into this (not state-based, most likely), but it's a good signifier of what to expect. From what research I've done, being queer in Utah is a terrifying experience...You probably well know how much I love Utah, but I will admit that I love the uninhabited parts and have yet to experience more urban areas of the state. If I get into this program in Utah, would by queerness be a problem? Should I just play it safe in New Mexico?

And then there's the Peace Corps. I'm not even close to ready for that, but it's something that I want to do. The places I'd most like to go are India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, etc. I'd be willing to start studying Hindi NOW if it'll increase my chances of going there.

In India, a third gender is legally accepted. The Hijra are a class of eunuchs/intersexed/transgendered/transsexual women. Usually the third box to check, aside M and F, is E for "eunuch" even though, according to Wikipedia, only about 8% of Hijras are actual eunuchs. There is another class, the sidhin, who are women who dress and behave like men while maintaining female pronouns. These women usually live this lifestyle when there are no male heirs to a large estate. ...would I be able to show up and say "hey everyone, I'm a sidhin from America! Do you like my cargo shorts?!"

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