Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Everything is tied into class. EVERYTHING. Race, gender, sexuality, ability, etc. are all ways of categorizing people into different classes = the haves and the have-nots.

There's even a theory on the classism between MySpace and facebook. Facebook began as a college alum networking tool (CLASSISM ALL OVER THE PLACE) and then gradually expanded. As facebook exploded, MySpace became, well, "ghetto"-ized. Look for yourself; there's no way Tila Tequila could have ever become the queen of facebook. There have been suggestions that Twitter is the next facebook...will the internet gentrify?!?!?

Exceptional education is what brings about class rebellion. Education proves that the system is anything but "business as usual." When African Americans learned of their history through integrated schools and post-WWII resources, the civil rights movement began. When housewives read The Feminine Mystique, they began to reach for the world beyond the kitchen. And so on. Poor schools give weak education and then stay poor because nobody knows any different. And there are lower-class subcultures that reject education on principle: what good will a degree do you in a factory or on a farm? Time and money are better spent on feeding the family.

A lot of people don't get how queers fit into classism. There are a lot of small ropes that tie the two together rather than one big, obvious thing like race or gender:
- classism involves legacies, generations see very little differences. Queers generally breed less than straight people so we don't really have a legacy to pass on.
- heterosexism, the tool of the upper/ruling class to pass on their legacies, restricts both queers (even liberated straight people) from gaining ground and straight people from breaking the mold.
- the social rules of heterosexism make the differences between their straight followers and us queers as obvious as the differences between race and gender.

American classes are separating, what was once a gradient is becoming black and white. While racial minorities, independent women and queer people might become rich, it's extremely unlikely for any of us to become wealthy or powerful (Chris Rock has already articulated this). Sarah Palin may have power over America's straight, white women but it's the power to keep them quiet rather than mobile.

Awareness of class and privilege is the first step to breaking it down. Voting is not enough.

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  1. I strongly feel 666 the Number of the Beast refers to John 6:66, the one single Bible verse thus numbered. Why so scary? Because it refers to the literally morbid quality of the Communion as seen from a purely human viewpoint; so, when people find out what God really IS, they back out. And indeed the Christians, seem, by habit numbed and blinded, unaware of this dark aspect; how would they react, just opening their eyes to the entirely obvious? In addition, the number suits excellently to a mighty cascade of interpretations based on operations on the first three positive integers, being of paramount importance for Christian doctrine, like Monotheism, the binary nature of Christ and the Trinity. Now, if this is the optimal solution or indeed the Solution, then I, Peter Ingestad aka Kraxpelax from Sweden, I am really Something, n'est-ce pas, being object of allusion by the verse, and consequently by the very Number itself. And, curiously, the word for 6, the so-called "Perfect Number" as both the sum and product of its terms /factors 1, 2, 3, thus well fit for symbolizing God, in Swedish is Sex, reminding of my theory about the Big Duality (see below). And yes, the Swedish word for Sex is Sex as well. All this rather striking, don't you think? coincidental? who can tell? Think it over.

    Windor Mirrow

    The Moon
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