Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a week

In the past couple days, I've had two clichéd encounters:

1) A complete stranger online told me that I need to monitor my behavior because I'm a representative of the entire LGBTQ community. At all times, everywhere, no matter what. And because I wasn't aware of this "fact," this person claimed that I'm the reason why the community "fails" and shouldn't be taken seriously. ...Right.

2) A relative I don't know very well commented that my facebook link to Genderfork was "gay" and, when I was taken aback by that, insinuated that I take the political as personal. There are situations in which the political is personal, but explaining that gender variance is different from gayness is not one of those situations. He also claimed that he knows what he's talking about because he lives in California and attended Blue Man Group performances in Boystown. ...THAT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!!!

Wtf?? Did someone forget to tell me that the week before Coming Out Day and the National Equality March is Clichéd Heterosexism Week?

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