Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some of my art

I'm currently working on a self-portrait. I really enjoy acrylic paint because it's versatile, expressive, and sometimes takes you in a different direction. My online gallery is www.beatles4eva.deviantart.com but you have to have a membership to see my "mature" pieces.

"The Androgyne"
Mixed Media: I supposed this is unintentionally, partly a self-portrait. Mainly, I wanted to create an androgyne challenging the encounterer as if to say, "What am I?"
androgyne androgynous gender genderqueer trans

Mixed Media: an aspect of femininity vs. masculinity

"Reaching Out"
Mixed Media: a female-esque figure reaching out of a cage for something more
gender feminism trans woman man queer genderqueer

"Fatherhood as Mountain"
Acrylic Paint: Based on a polaroid of my father holding me when I was an infant. The green upholstery and blue jeans are like an abstract landscape while the cloth drapes flesh like snow on a mountain. Distant, cold, standing alone.

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